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Project and Move Management

The main target of a successful relocation should be the unlimited operating ability during all

project phases.

This target is one of our standards in all relocations. Accordingly we are highly engaged with

the panning and realization of all tasks.



Project planning


During the initialization phase of a relocation project we build up a suitable project structure

and establish a move core team. We create a draft logistics in the form of a project structure

plan, a milestone overview and a move scenario. We also define and include interfaces in the planning and establish necessary communication channels. The draft logistics is the basis for

the detailed move logistics.




We take on the conception, preparation and realization of the inventory for all relevant

company areas and calculate storage space for files and archives or the inventory of special laboratory equipment and production facilities. The inventory is done manually or with

MDE-devices and barcodes (tablet, smartphone). The required labels are also provided by us.


Based on the inventory lists or via MDE-devices we create a detailed inventory database or

use existing facility management systems for the preparation of data. The database is the

tool to clarify the usage of the goods, the creation of the furniture planning (CAD) and the preparation of a move guide system. Based on the usage we define the transport and the

disposal volume, determine the interim storage space and calculate new furniture.


Based on the framework data we determine the volume for transport and disposal which

resulted from the inventory database. We make calls for tenders for transport and disposal

services. We also organize and attend the necessary site inspections.


Furniture planning (CAD)


Basis of a furniture planning is a detailed inventory database which gives detailed information

about the type of item, volume, measurements, connections, and future purposes. Based on

the workplace requirements we offer and draw solutions for the future furnishing.


We offer part of the move guide system by providing floor, room, and positioning plans. During

the move phases this guide system is the instruction for the furniture supplier and the transport company and is used for the final inspection.


Moving logistics


Based on the draft logistics we work with a rolling planning which ends in a detailed move

logistics that comprises all activities, responsibilities and dates. As a result we also receive

time and resource plans. The tools for the planning are our checklists which comprise more

than 900 points and are the result of many years of project experience with different

requirements and tasks. The detailed move logistics is like a script for the relocation and it

is also the basis for our coordination.

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